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My name’s Manuel Spolaore, I’m 22, currently working as a bartender at the Ritz Hotel in London. Due to the current world situation, the hospitality industry had to stop most of the activities until further notification from the government. I took the chance to come back home in Italy, and that gave me time to think about a project I have been developing, influenced by my passion and creativity.

The goal is to gather together the present and the past of cocktails, expressed through emotions and experience. 

My idea is to connect art and bartending, taking inspiration from a movement born after the WWII, called “Arte Informale”. The artist took inspiration from the passion, suffering and pain of those years.

It is also a very critical historical period, thus my intention was to use the art as a positive distraction, to not constantly focus our mind on problems.

Manuel Spolaore bartender pietro rizzato fotografo

This project begins in collaboration with a friend, Pietro Rizzato, a professional photographer and videomaker, and two famous international brands: Konik’s Tail Vodka and Bobby’s Gin, that sponsor and support the project. 

I created 4 cocktails (2 vodka-based and 2 gin-based), inspired by four essential paintings from “arte informale” and two most famous artists of that time: Jackson Pollock and Sandro Boselli

My guarnishes for the glasses, are spontaneous techniques of expression, these are close to the same used by the artists, such as using edible, natural and organic ingredients. 

In addition to the research to producing great looking cocktails, an essential part was the taste; all the drinks are totally different one to another, inspired by the emotions that the paintings have generated on me. 


I hope that this project can bring emotions and involve a lots of people, being different from other creators in my own way. My aim is to study and create cocktails, that through taste, visual and emotional feelings can induce consumers to have a complete, satisfying and remarkable experience.

- Manuel

Antoni Tápies - Foll

The warrior Cocktail Manuel Spolaore Pietro Rizzato Fotografo antoni tapies arte informale foll


_ Konik’s Tail Vodka
_ Peroni Beer
_ Lemon
_ Ginger
_ Agave

Photo: Pietro Rizzato © 2021

When I look at this painting I see blood, despair, sadness.

What I wanted to recreate is a message of ambition and the desire to get up and fight. I wanted to male the red cocktail like the X from the FOLL giving it meaning of vital energy and psychic strength.

Jackson Pollock - opera arte informale

Redemtion cocktail manuel spolaore pietro rizzato fotografo jackson pollock arte informale


_ Bobby’s Gin
_ Green Chartreuse
_ Liquorice liqueur
_ Bergamot
_ Charcoal

Photo: Pietro Rizzato © 2021

“For me, modern art is nothing more than the expression of the ideals of the era in which we live”...
- Jackson pollock

My interpretation of the artist's intention is to interrupt the state of serenity dictated by white through splashes of color on canvas.
My intent is to do the opposite, to interrupt the idea of ​​suffering transmitted by the black of the cocktail with the white color that garnishes the glass.

Hans Hartung - Summer

estate cocktail manuel spolaore pietro rizzato fotografo hans hartung arte informale


_ Konik’s Tail Vodka
_ Tio Pepe Sherry up
_ Champagne
_ Saline solution
_ Orange bitter

_ Blue spirulina

Photo: Pietro Rizzato © 2021

What the painting conveys to me is that the artist wanted to communicate his being, his efforts and the melancholy of everything he had lost during that difficult period.

The meaning I have placed in the cocktail lies in the balance of shape and above all of colors: blue as calm, serenity, harmony and yellow as disease and madness.
The idea is that the cocktail recreates a balance between the right and wrong things in life.

Sandro Boselli - Portfolio

portfolio sandro boselli cocktail manuel spolaore pietro rizzato fotografo arte informale


_ Bobby’s Jenever
_ Sambuca Molinari
_ Homemade orgeat with Brazilian almonds
_ Cointreau
_ Coconut flakes

Photo: Pietro Rizzato © 2021

The artist intends to cross over traditional categories of painting and sculpture.

My intent is instead to take the mind elsewhere, perhaps on a journey of flavors that can transport us to a Caribbean beach, recreating a new beginning with peace and freedom with the white color.

Each cocktail is Manuel Spolaore's intellectual property.

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Images have been crafted with love and passion by Pietro Rizzato in Davide Monti Studio.

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